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Founded in 2014, Elite RF LLC is the to manufacturer of RF Amplifier solutions worldwide. We work with the Military, Aerospace, Universities, Medical, Telecommunications, and many providing off the shelf and custom RF solutions such as such as hf amplifiers, pulse amplifier, rack amplifiers, ldmos amplifier, solid state hf linear amplifiers, linear hf amplifier, high power rf amplifiers, RF Test Equipment, rf calculators, rf power amplifier, Minicircuits, Rf Lambda, Everything RF, AR World ,empower rf, effective radiated power, microwave consulting, rf test measurementand500 watt power amplifier. Thank you for considering Elite RF for your RF Amplifier needs and look forward to working with you. Looking for RF Test Equipment, rf amplifiers, or need reference material like our rf calculators, give us call today and let us assist you with your project.

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