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The whistles are about to blow in this year’s Festival Nacional del Pito Atravesao

Traduction by Ana Carolina Tapias.

We’re just days away from the beginning of National Festival of “Pito Atravesao’”, a 30 year old tradition that honors and celebrates indigenous culture.

“El pito atravesao’” is a woodwind instrument consisting of four holes and a lipping used to play cumbia, porro and puya, three of the most traditional rhythms of Colombian music.

The event will celebrate oral, traditional and cultural representations of Los Montes de María, the cradle and safeguard of this region’s tradition. It will be held from June 29 to July 1 in Morroa, a colorful town of Sucre, Colombia.

The festival will be the scenario of a musical contest in which the tradition category will include performances by groups from many departments of the Caribbean Region like Moña y Millos de Mi Tierra from Santo Tomás (Atlántico); Sucre Son, from Sucre (Sucre) and Dinastía Domínguez from Morroa, among others.

The contest, organized by Festival Nacional del Pito Atravesao’ Foundation (Fufenapia), will honor morroan artists Jáder Daniel Colón Gaibao and Jorge Luis Domínguez Martínez.

In its 30th version, the festival consolidates as a window for people to learn the value and experience the joy of this music and its tradition which has great significance for the Caribbean Region.

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