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Caribe Cuenta Festival celebrates 20 years

The festival will be held from August 27 to September 3

Barranquilla among other cities of the Atlantic Region, such as San Andrés Islands will be the scenario for activities of the 20th anniversary of the International Storyteller Festival “El Caribe Cuenta”, which seeks to rescue ancestral traditions of narration.

The Festival will welcome special guests from Algeria, France, Chile, Cuba, Bolivia, Venezuela, and Colombia. Some of the main artists that will share their talent at “El Caribe Cuenta 2017” are: French-Algerian comedian Kamel Zouaoui, French scenic director Marc Búleon, visual artist Odile Kayser form France, among other well-known performers who will share their stories with the audience.

El Caribe Cuenta, in Barranquilla, will begin on August 27 at 3 p.m. with a narration marathon at Parque Cultural del Caribe with the participation of international and national storytellers. The last day of the Festival will be held on September 3, at the Gran Malecón del Río, located in Vía 40.

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