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“Baqui” the Cotton-Top Tamarin mascot of the 2018 Central American games

It was recently announced that the official mascot of the Central-American and Caribbean Games will be a Cotton-Top Tamarin, known as Tití Cabeciblanco, a monkey species from South America that is in danger of extinction.

The announcement of the mascot that will be host of the 23rd version of the games was made during an act full of music, special guests and dancing, in Barranquilla, seat of the 2018 Central American and Caribbean Games. The decision to name a Cotton-Top Tamarin as the main character of the games is an invitation to show and promote the battle for the protection and preservation of the species.

Mayor Alejandro Char highlighted the hard work that’s being done so the city can be at its best for the games, which are expected to bring over 10 thousand tourists to the city. During the event, Daniel Noguera, Director of the Games, and Secretary of Director of Sports and Recreation Gonzalo Baute delivered a balance of what has been made in terms of infrastructure and logistics for the Games.

According to what was said, there will be 13 scenarios for the sport activities, including the new Baseball Stadium Edgar Rentería, the renewed soccer stadium Romelio Martínez, the boxing stage Palacio de Combates, Elías Chewing stadium and Moreno stadium.

Indeportes Director, Enrique Vengoechea said that, in addition to the 13 scenarios in Barranquilla, other municipalities of Atlántico will host other competitions.

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