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Avianca Strike worries hotel sector in Barranquilla during Colombia’s soccer match

Hotel guild, Cotelco, says it has been an income decrease form what was expected for the match. 

Since last Wednesday, September 20th, Avianca pilots associated to ACDAC union stopped activities because the company hasn’t accepted their demands. 

The situation has prolonged and affected, not only travelers, but also many sectors, as the hotel sector in Barranquilla. 

Cotelco’s president in Atlántico, Mario Muvdi, highlighted in Caracol Radio his concern on the number of reservations that was expected for the event. He said it was a difficult situation because they are cancelling almost 14 flights for the dates. Muvdi added that if the situation continues, measures should be taken and alternatives with other airlines should be taken into account, to guarantee the transportation of people who want to assist to the match on October 5th. 

According to Avianca’s official statement, from September 20 to 24th, there have been over a thousand flights cancelled, which has affected 97.768 travelers, and over 12.877 have had to be redirected to other airlines.

The 10th meeting between Avianca, the Labor Ministry and ACDAD representatives took place this past Monday, but after hours of arguing, Avianca decided to stand up from the table and up until this day the strike continues. Senators are already proposing using other resources to solve the situation that’s affecting the economy of the country.  

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