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A group of the Colombian students affected by hurricane Maria returned to the country

A total of 53 Colombians from the Caribbean Region came back on the first flight arranged by the chancellery. 

At first, a Colombian Air Force plane fled from Barranquilla to Puerto Rico with a team form the chancellery on board, to bring home 184 Colombians affected by hurricane Maria. 

The affected, among tourist families and exchange students were emotional when returning home safe and sound. They also thanked the Government for all the support they were given to return to the country. 

In the island, the situation became worse after the strike hurricane Maria, which razed everything in its path, including what was left from hurricane Irma, the first to leave many deaths and emergency situations.

Camilo Verbel, who’s from Sucre, said to El Heraldo that although the situation is disturbing, the fact that he studied Physics, generated questions on terms of the natural phenomenon among his fellow students.

On the other side, Camilo Rojas from Barranquilla, had been living in Puerto Rico for three years and affirmed that situation is devastating due to the damage and destruction of the electric infrastructure. 

Before reuniting with their families, they received attention at the chancellery through “Nos Une” program, which was complemented with the Red Cross intervention. 

After its arrival in Barranquilla, the plane left for Bogotá where the other people will land to get to their homes. The Chancellery offered once again its services to help Colombians in Puerto Rico with their return.  


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