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15 Barranquilla assets to be declared Cultural Heritage

Churches and schools are among the assets chosen by Barranquilla’s Mayor Office. Barranquilla’s Mayor Office and its Secretary of Culture teamed up with Atlántico University to accomplish the signature of the list of candidates for Cultural Property, LICBIC by its name in Spanish.

15 of 98 assets were proved to have all the characteristics to be declared Heritage and they were included in the list for the city Council to evaluate the consequences. “We can’t lose our history, we are going to preserve the memory of Barranquilla” affirmed the Secretary of Culture, Heritage and Tourism of the district, Juan José Jaramillo.

After being declared Heritage, the assets will get guarantee from the District to be preserved, protected and promoted as architectural and cultural legacy of the city.

The Secretary of Culture, Patrimony and Tourism, and other delegates from the Heritage Council and property representatives participated in the event.


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